Writing Services

With my first publishing credit coming at the age of 12 years old, I have been selling my writing to print magazines and online media outlets for three decades. During those 30 years, I have written professionally for virtually every industry: from fiction and video games to technology, legal, lifestyle, and aeronautics – if it can be written about, odds are, I have done so.

Over the past 10 years, I have accrued a portfolio that consists of well over 2,000 publishing credits. This includes my nonfiction books Python for Teenagers (Apress) and Beginning Python: Using Python 2.6 and 3.1 (Wrox Books). Below is a partial list of the different topics I have written about during that time period:

  • Adult Horror Fiction
  • Young Adult (YA) Fantasy Fiction
  • Memoirs/Biographies
  • Technical/Programming Articles (covering topics such as Python, Perl, PHP, .Net, WordPress, C, C++, JAVA, Ruby-on-Rails, and more).
  • Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Hosting
  • Aeronautics and Aerodynamics
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Home Improvement
  • HVAC and Plumbing
  • Expanded Polystyrene
  • Accounting/Financial
  • Lifestyle/Travel
  • Video Game (Text-Based) and Role-Playing Games
  • Comic Books
  • Comedy

In addition to the above topics, I have written for many different formats, including: novels, short stories, poetry, technical how-to’s and documentation, comic books, video games, screenplays, podcasts, and webisodes.