Internet Marketing Services and SEO

Writing and marketing, like it or not, go hand-in-hand. To be a successful writer, you have to be great at marketing yourself and your work – whether that means selling your fiction to magazines or selling books through social media channels. At the same time, to be a great marketer, I believe you have to be a great writer. After all, content is king and while the Internet is full of cheaply written content, nothing beats quality copy that has depth and isn’t just a rehash of other information freely available on less-than-credible websites. I strive to create that type of content.

But that isn’t all that I do; Internet Marketing is a broad term that covers the spectrum from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Management to brand awareness and reputation building. At the heart of my Internet Marketing offerings is a strong background in website analysis and Google Analytics reporting. Understanding what works on a website – and what does not – are equally important and I put a lot of emphasis on interpreting the data provided by Analytics and behavioral tools to provide the best marketing roadmap possible.

As an Internet Marketer, SEO, and Social Media Manager, I served as Editor-in-Chief for for over a decade, before resuming the role once the company was taken over by Internet Marketing Ninjas, at which point I also worked in the same capacity for WebmasterWorld. At the same time, I was a Chief Marketing Consultant for WSI, Inc., where I helped analyze websites, guide content/social strategy, and onboard clients.