Garbled Transmissions Magazine

Garbled Transmissions ( is a magazine devoted to bringing lovers of science fiction and fantasy the best short stories from both new and veteran genre writer’s alike. Featured fiction is published once a month and is interspersed with comic book and movie reviews, as well as articles covering the Wizards of the Coast trading card game, Magic the Gathering.


Writershack ( is more than a magazine – it is a community designed to bring writers, editors, agents, and publishers together in one spot. It features articles on writing and editing, market listings, and magazine showcases. It is presently under construction, but in the near future it will also offer tools for the publishing industry, such as a portfolio tracker, invoicer, and more. There will be a good many other features as well, but they are labeled top secret until the site is launched. So stay tuned – if you have chosen the written word as your profession, you do not want to miss what is in store!

Developer Shed

When not fighting crime at night, writing short stories and novels, editing magazines, or doing freelance, I work as Editor-in-Chief/Community Manager/Social Media guru of the Developer Shed Network of sites ( In total, “the Shed” is made up of 14 websites and forums where techies and search engine optimization specialists (and social marketers) can gather and discuss the things they love the most: Programming, SEO, Hardware, and all things tech related. The network also features articles on every programming, SEO/SEM, and tech-related subject you can imagine.


While not technically a magazine, I do run a MUD (multi user dungeon) known as Dragonstone. It is a text-based old school RPG game with a great userbase and an expansive area. You can play a number of different races and classes in a Dungeons and Dragons style setting. You can view more information about the game and download a client to play it by visiting: