Technical Writing

James Payne was previously the Editor-in-Chief of the Developer Shed communities – a network consisting of 14 websites and forums dedicated to programming, web design, hardware, software, web hosting technology, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO). He has worn many hats in his time at Developer Shed, including community manager, writer, social media manager, software tester, and programmer to name a few.

As a nonfiction writer and editor, James has covered virtually every programming language and technology, including: PHP, Python, Perl, Java, Ruby-on-Rails, Django, jQuery, Javascript, Ajax, XML, HTML, CSS/CSS3, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, vBulletin, Social Media Optimization, SEO, Flash, MySQL, MSSQL, .Net, Visual Basic, C/C#, C++, ASP.Net, mobile development, hardware and software guides, web hosting reviews, and many others.

Purchase his book: Python for Teenagers on Amazon or

Purchase his book, Beginning Python: Using Python 2.6 and Python 3.1, on Amazon.

Fiction and Publishing

In addition to his technical work, James is also the Editor-in-Chief and founder of the science fiction and fantasy magazine, Garbled Transmissions – where he publishes fiction short stories, comic book and movie reviews, and articles on Magic the Gathering by veteran and unpublished writers alike.

He is also the founder and publisher of, a website and community devoted to writers, editors, publishers, and agents from every genre and topic. The site also features articles on the publishing industry, editorial advice, and highlights markets that are currently seeking submissions.

In his free time, James Payne also writes adult horror short stories and novels, as well as fantasy novels and fiction for Young Adults. Overall, his writing has appeared in print and on the web over 2,000 times.

Internet Marketing and SEO

James Payne has over 15 years experience in Internet Markerting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content management, and Social Media Marketing. Working for companies such as, Internet Marketing Ninjas, and WSI, Inc., James Payne also consults on a freelance basis, providing onboarding, website and SEO analysis, and content strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Freelance Writing

In addition to technical articles and fiction, James has been contracted to write documentation and stories for the financial, business, aerospace, legal, medical, and lifestyle industries.

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